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After each move, it is normal for a lot of dust to remain due to the movement of furniture, especially carpets and upholstered surfaces.

The Easy Moving team will hire professional cleaners so you don’t have to worry about this detail. We will collect all the waste that is generated and we will clean the entire living or business space down to the smallest details.

Cleaning immediately after moving is also important so that dust does not rise later. Therefore, it is better to thoroughly clean the space immediately. Also, do this with yourself because dust causes allergic reactions, and even if you are not allergic, it can bother your eyes and lungs.

Čišćenje stanova

We use modern equipment and means that kill all bacteria, and yet they are environmentally friendly and do not bother children and pets.

Also, if necessary, we take out the garbage and rubble and take it to specialized landfills that will take care to adequately dispose of waste.

You can request cleaning and garbage collection services individually or if they are not part of the complete removal process.

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