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Whether you are moving with us or you just need space for your things ...

We offer you the option to store your furniture and all other household equipment with us.

You must have at least once been in a situation where you had to transport some things urgently, because you came across an incredibly good offer in a furniture salon, but you simply didn’t have a place to leave those things at that moment. Then you are forced to either give up or look for alternatives, to leave things in all sorts of garages or with friends.

Also, it is a rare situation in which you move from one apartment / house and immediately have another property ready to go to. Chances are that you will be renting an apartment for a while or staying with a close relative or friend.

It is because of these situations that clients often entrust us with the care of their furniture. With us, it will be professionally packaged, protected from moisture and sun and, most importantly, insured against unwanted visitors.

We try to get your things in the condition in which you left them. Our warehouse is monitored by a security guard and several security cameras that are sensitive to movement. All items are carefully stacked, packed and disposed of so that they do not run the risk of damage.

Let your tires stay with us

Winter tires are a mandatory from October to April, so it is necessary to have them. However, in order to provide yourself and your family with a comfortable and safe ride, it is recommended to switch to summer tires when the time and the law allow.

So, when you decide to change your tires, you don’t have to think about where to leave your other kit. Throughout the year, our team stores winter and summer tires in the warehouse.

If you opt for this service of ours, you will not have to think about whether you will have enough space, you will not have to get your hands dirty carrying them and you will not have to think about whether your wheels will be damaged.

As with everything else, our warehouse is the perfect place to leave your tires. They will be at the optimum temperature and isolated from danger.

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